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      Like a wise and responsible mother bird tenderly and devotedly takes care of her nestlings, teaching them to understand and communicate with each other in such a way our friendly and benevolent group of teachers try to help our pupils to make their first steps in discovering the new horizons and possibilities in the walls of our school. Together with them we open the beauty of the world, overcome the difficulties and reach the goals. Learning English nowadays is like the flight for any bird, is like the breath of fresh air for any living being. The main sense of this logotype is: “We are the children of one mother and we must put all the efforts to find the common language with other brothers and sisters, because the flexibility and the communicative skills are the qualities of the 21st century which help us to realize the most desirable dream in our life to make the first flight.”

The author of the logotype: Anna Gavrylian (the pupil of the 5th form)

The teachers: T. Burdeina, O. Tiron

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